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My girl's name is Maria.  In my true story I will refer to her as Sexy as to keep reminding you that she is a fiery, spicy hot Latina and not you average blonde girl.   I've dated my share of women..and truthfully there is no way to compare any other girl to a true latina!  Now on with my story :).  Maria (I mean Sexy Latina) and I have been dating for about 3 years now and when it came to sex, there was almost nothing that we would not try. Sexy Latina is a beautiful Puerto Rican girl, only 21 years old, and a great latina body.  She only stands at about 5-2 foot tall, small breasts and waist, and an latina ass that took 2 big hands to grip. I was never into small breasts before until I met Sexy Latina. Her latina body was perfectly tanned and her nipples were so small that it was just very arousing. The final touch to that latina body of hers, was right in the center, was a small, golden bellybutton ring. I found myself so turned on by her, that in a way I wanted other guys to see her. It was really becoming one of my favorite fantasies for her to flash people in public. I really did not think that she would ever go for something like this. We even went as far as making a video once, but could not find anyone to tape it for us. We got some great shots of her, but the sex scenes were not that great.

Just a few months ago, all that would change. My friend was getting married and another friend, Mike, and me were going to be in the wedding. He and I had some running around to do that day and we had a few extra minutes, so I thought that we would stop in and surprise Sexy Latina, and that is exactly what we did. I told him that we would only be a minute, but he did not feel like stopping because at that time, Mike had never been with a girl. He was not gay, but he was always shy around girls. I rang the doorbell and it seemed like it took her forever to answer the door. When she got there, her dark brown hair was wet and hanging on this thick, white cotton robe. She had just gotten out of the shower and was embarrassed about Mike being there. I did not let that stop us from coming in. She was trying to keep her robe closed with her one hand while trying to straighten up with the other. At this point, I was really turned on. I pulled her close to me and crammed my tongue down her throat. In the corner of my eye, I saw Mike starting to look away as if he was getting annoyed. I thought that if I could give him a show, it would make things a bit more interesting. With that, I took Sexy Latina by the robe and yanked it over her shoulders, exposing her tiny breast. Her immediate reaction to this was to cover up. She asked me what I was doing and I told her to relax.  Cont. Below


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Latina Sex Porn

We arrived and piled out of the car and stood around a few minutes talking before we went in. Sexy Latina had a bit to drink at the reception and showed me a flirty side that I had never seen before. She started to kiss me against the car, and I had hiked up her dress and was squeezing her latina ass. She did not stop me, in fact, she looked at Mike and asked if he would like to grab her latina ass. I was shocked when she grabbed his hand and slid it down the back of her pantyhose. I just wanted to fuck her right there on the street. I said that we should go get changed, so we all went to his bedroom. He asked for some privacy, but Sexy Latina said that we were all adults.

So he said "What the hell" and started to undress. While he got undress, I laid Sexy Latina on his bed and slid off her pantyhose and her white thong. He did not notice at first, but then I pulled up her dress exposing her neatly trimmed patch of hair and before she could stop me, I shoved my tongue into her latina pussy and made her scream. Just then some people had arrived and we had to stop then and there. I was pissed and from the look of Mike's boxers, he was disappointed as well. That brought an end to the night, but Mike and I made plans to hang out the following day.

I woke up the next day with a hard on. All I could think about is what went on the night before and could not wait to see Sexy Latina again. I picked Mike up and told him that we needed to take Sexy Latina to the mall. When we got to her house, she was acting very shy. I told her to relax and I would give her a quick massage before we left. As Mike sat on the chair, I remove all of Sexy Latina's clothes and draped a towel over her latina ass as she lay on her stomach. Mike asked if I wanted him to leave the room and told him he could stay. I told him that she would stay on her stomach and would not see anything anyway. I took some lotion in my hands and rubbed it all over her naked back working my way from her shoulders down. I saw Mike glancing over every few minutes. As I approached her smooth bottom, I looked over at him and grinned as I removed the towel. "Stop that" she exclaimed. She tried to grab for the towel, but I moved it out of her reach. She quickly jumped up and ran into her living room. She asked why I did that and I just grinned as I pushed her to the ground and starting fucking her. She moaned and I knew that I instantly put her in the mood.

When I noticed that she was getting into it, I pulled out and left her wanting more. I threw her the towel and left her in the kitchen were Mike was looking for something to drink. When I walked back into the kitchen, I saw the two of them downing shots of BV. This was unusual because Sexy Latina was a social drinker and seldom got drunk. I noticed that her towel fell loose and exposed half of one of her tits. His eyes were fixed on it. Sexy Latina looked over at me and said that she was going to get dressed so that we could get going. I quickly followed her to her room and helped her pick out an outfit. She put on a pair of very short jeanshorts without any panties and a blue vest top that zipped up and exposed her tight, little stomach and belly ring. She also neglected to put on a bra or her shoes for that matter. She asked me what I wanted her to do. I said what ever she wanted to do would be fine with me. With that, I sat on the chair opposite of the couch were Mike was sitting.  Cont. Below


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Sexy Latina walked down the steps and smiled devilishly at Mike as he asked if she was ready yet. She asked him how she looked and if she should change her top. He said that she looked fine and we should leave. Just then Sexy Latina straddled Mike and started to grind on his lap. I saw his cock bulging through his shorts and I knew that she could feel it. I did not think that it would get any more serious until Sexy Latina unzipped her top and shoved her tits right into Mike's face. I could not help but to stroke myself through my shorts. I was watching my best friend grab and suck my girlfriend's tits. This was a fantasy I have always thought about and was ready to cum in my pants.

I watched as her hands started to roam his body and just as she reached down for his dick, I exploded. I drenched my pants with a load of cum. I felt like I ruined the whole thing. I did not know where this was going to lead. Then the phone rang and it killed the mood. Good thing because I was starting to feel a bit of jealousy. When Sexy Latina came back to us, we decided that we should go. Then I told her that since she felt so comfortable around Mike, that we should ask him to film our video. She agreed and Mike said that he would do it. So from there, we skipped the mall and went straight to a hotel that had a private Jacuzzi and mirrors all around the room. It would be perfect.

It all started with Sexy Latina doing a strip tease for the camera. I could be wrong, but it looked like she was seducing Mike more than the camera. She slowly took of her top and then her shorts, and wiggled around on the bed in a matching bra and thong set. She looked so good. As Mike filmed her, he would occasionally reach down a grab his cock through his pants. Sexy Latina was spread on the bed and I saw Mike zoom in on her latina pussy. It was slightly visible through her lace thong. Slowly she slid the panties to the side and her latina cunt was dripping wet. I had never seen anything like it in my life. There was almost a puddle forming underneath her. I could not hold back any longer. I slid down between her latina legs and licked up all of her juices that were flowing from her. Her panties were so nice and I felt bad when I ripped them right off of her latina body. My tongue was going crazy as I lifted her up so that the camera could get a clear shot of her latina asshole. As Mike zoomed the camera in on that tight little latina ass, I shoved my tongue in there tasting its sweetness. I thought Sexy Latina was going to cum, but instead she turned over and stuck her latina ass in my face. I tongued her latina ass like there was no tomorrow. I tried to fit the whole thing in there as she pressed against my face. "Let me suck your dick" she moaned. With that we moved into a "69" position and Mike went back and forth to film each end. I looked up at Mike and could tell that he wanted a piece of the action. After all it was Sexy Latina who was dick teasing him earlier.

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He set the camera down on the tripod and quickly stripped down. Sexy Latina moved between us and we each began to suck on a breast. What a feeling it was to be sharing her. She then draped one leg over each of us and was spread as wide as can be. The two of us then rubbed the thighs that we were given and slowly moved upward until we were both cramming or fingers into her. I could tell that she loved the attention. She started to shout, "Eat me. Just fucking eat my latina pussy". I figured I would let Mike taste his first latina pussy. Sexy Latina mounted his face and he furiously began to lick at his newfound treasure. She could not resist any more and reached into his boxers to grab his dick. She gobbled it up and the look on Mike's face was unreal. I was starting to feel left out, so I went over to Sexy Latina's latina ass and started tonguing it again. I think that it made Mike a little nervous at how close our tongues were, but it did not stop us. He kept licking her latina pussy while I licked the latina ass. Sexy Latina stood up and told us to just lie there. She got down between us and started sucking our cocks one by one. Soon enough, she had both of us in her mouth at once. She was going all out. By the look in her eyes, I knew that she wanted to be fucked. I told her to bend over and had Mike get behind her. This was his first time and I could tell that he was nervous. She reached back and glided his throbbing head into her tunnel. I was in heaven. I slid down to give Sexy Latina more pleasure as I started to lick her clit. Mike was moving fast, but that is how she liked it. It was a weird position because as I licked her puss, his balls would be coming dangerously close to my tongue. I saw his thrust starting to get short and rigid.

He yelled, "I am going to cum. Do you want me to pull out?" Sexy Latina was quick to tell him to cum inside her. She loved that feeling. As he was cumming, I tried to move out of the way, but Sexy Latina had me pinned and told me not to stop licking her. I did not want to let her down. Mike seemed to be cumming for a while and then he finally pulled out and collapsed next to her. Next thing I know, Sexy Latina is riding my face so hard that I thought that she was going to break my nose. Now it was her turn to cum. As she came, a mixture of her and Mike's cum started to fill up in my mouth. I could not describe the taste, but it turned me on. I licked her until there was nothing left.

I turned Sexy Latina around and made her ride me. I felt like I was going to cum. I saw that Mike was hard again and ready for some more. Sexy Latina told him to get behind her and stick it in her latina pussy right next to mine. I really did not think that it would fit, but it did and it was the most incredible feeling in the world. I could not hold back and started pumping faster and faster. It was like a chain reaction because Mike was doing the same. All of a sudden, we both start to cum inside her and she is screaming. I could feel his dick pulsating with every squirt and then I could feel all the cum dripping down my balls. Sexy Latina was quick to go down on us and lick it all up. She licked all of the cum from my nuts and she followed it down to my ass.

As she licked the last bit of cum from my ass, she said that there was one more thing she wanted. She bent over and asked us to fuck her latina ass. This was great. Mike went first. He started to ease it in, but Sexy Latina just pushed back and took. He did not last more than a few minutes. As he pulled out, he shot is cum in her latina ass. I was ready. Before I stuck my dick in, I wanted to give her latina ass just one more lick. She squirmed a bit, then I fucked her hard. She started to cum and I pulled it out of her as she rolled onto her back. She held her latina tits together for me as I titty fucked her. I came all over her face and latina tits and then kissed. With her fingers, she took the cum and licked it all up. We all got dressed and decided to watch the video. It was great. I got us all hot and that lead to a long night of a lot more fucking and sucking.




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